Super Bowl Ads 2010
What were your favorite ads?
Created: 02/07/2010 | Updated: 06/05/2010 | By: Staff

footballOK the game is over, so let's talk about the commercials. YouTube uploaded every ad that aired during the Super Bowl last night. You can vote for them in the embedded lower 3rd bar in each video below.

There were definitely some memorable standouts this year like Motorola's ad with Megan Fox in a bathtub and's "Fiddling Beaver." We're kind of done with GoDaddy's "Too Hot for TV" schtick. Boost Mobile's remake of the "Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle" was definitely entertaining, but our favorite ad by far was Google's "Parisian Love." What about you? What was your favorite?


Megan Fox Motorola Ad

FLO TV: My Generation Ad Fiddling Beaver Ad

GoDaddy Super Bowl

Boost Mobile Ad

Google: Parisian Love Ad

Intel Lunch Room Ad

Go Daddy: News

Vizio Beyonce Ad Ad

Other Super Bowl Ads 2010

Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains Ad

Hyundai Sonata Ad

Doritos Ad

Robin Hood Spot

Doritos: House Rules Ad


Coca-Cola / Simpsons Ad

Undercover Boss Ad (CBS)

Doritos Casket Ad

Wolfman Ad

The Good Wife

Emerald Nuts: Awesomer

Hyundai Soata / Brett Favre Ad

VW Punchdub

Budweiser Bridge Ad

Denny’s Chicken Birthday Ad

Denny’s Chicken Warning

Alice in Wonderland


Homeaway Vacation Ad

Dr Pepper / KISS ad

Select 55 Ice Bottle Ad

Michelob Ultra – Little Bumps Ad

Budweiser Clydesdale Fence Ad

Late Show Ad

Bud Light Asteroid Ad


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