David Hasselhoff was a 1980s legend. His role in the talking car NBC TV series Knight Rider instantly made him an international megastar. Then shortly after Knight Rider was canceled, Hasselhoff used his international appeal for a Top 40 music career in Europe. But Hoff wouldn’t deprive his American fans for long. In the early 1990s, Hasselhoff came back to primetime with another TV show for NBC called Baywatch. NBC foolishly canceled Baywatch and Hasselhoff took the show to syndication where it exploded and became one of the most successful syndicated TV shows in history.

Weird David Hasselhoff Photos

Throughout Hasselhoff’s career, he participated in several very cheesy photoshoots. People have described these photos as questionable, disturbing, weird and of course, really funny. Here are some of the most embarrassing David Hasselhoff photos and video clips of all time.

1Soap Pump

2Drunk And Eating A Hamburger Of The Floor

3Super Dog

4Cuddling With Puppies

5Naked With Dogs

6Wearing Solar Shields Sunglasses

7David Hasselhoff In Outerspace?

8Naked With A Senior Couple

9David Hasselhoff Wearing An Eyepatch

10Dare For More Pepsi Ad

11Tire Swing

12Sweaty Armpits

13Leather Jacket And Underwear

14Hairy Chest

15Denim Vest & Hairy Chest

16“Has Anyone Seen My Shirt?”

17Hairy Chest And A Magazine

18Jacket No Shirt

19Standing In A Lake

20The Falconer

21I’m The Hoff

22Pepsi Explosion

23Michael Knight

24Hanging Out With Gary Coleman

25Night Rocker

26On The Phone

27Hasselhoff In Drag

Hasselhoff had to dress up in drag for his role in the Las Vegas production of The Producers. In 2007, People magazine took photos of Hasselhoff’s drag transformation.

28Hitler Sings

In David Hasselhoff’s 2012 stage show “An Evening With David Hasselhoff”, he played several roles including Hitler. The Hitler role was an homage to Mel Brooks’ musical ‘To Be Or Not To Be’.

29Air Surfing On Himself