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8-Bit Music Versions Of Popular Radiohead Songs

10 Awesome 8-Bit Music Versions Of Popular Radiohead Songs

Have you ever wondered what your favorite Radiohead songs sound like when converted to 8-bit music? Probably not, but we couldn't help compiling this...
Urinal Etiquette Quiz

Urinal Etiquette – Do You Know All Of The Rules?

There are plenty of things that a father needs to teach their son, but let's just say that Urinal Etiquette takes the cake.
April Fools Day

Watch A Math Professor’s Brilliant April Fool’s Day Prank

Matthew Weathers, assistant professor of mathematics and computer science at Biola University, pulled off a very elaborate April Fool's Day prank on his class.
Twitter Error: "If you're not redirected soon please use this link"

How To Fix The Twitter Error: “If You’re Not Redirected Soon Please Use This...

Are you getting a Twitter error that says "If you're not redirected soon please use this link"? Here's how to fix the error so you can use Twitter again in your web browser.
Beautiful Nature Time-Lapse Videos

10 Beautiful Nature Time-Lapse Videos That Will Brighten Your Day

Here are some beautiful nature time-lapse videos that will brighten your day.
Uplifting Quotes From Planet Of the Apes That Prove Family Is Everything

5 Uplifting Quotes From Planet Of The Apes That Prove Family Is Everything

Planet of the Apes is an inspiring film franchise that shows the value of having strong social bonds. Here are some thought-provoking quotes from Planet Of The Apes about family and friends.
Sad Woman In Quarantine

10 Coronavirus Quarantine Small Business Strategies That Can Help Generate Revenue

Here are some creative small business strategies and thought starters from organizations adapting to Coronavirus quarantine restrictions across the United States.
This Angry Irish Woman Doesn't Like Irish Pick Up Lines

10 Terrible Irish Pick Up Lines That Will Probably Get You Slapped

If you're Irish and you love bad pick up lines, then you'll love this list. Warning: Use these bad Irish pick up lines at...
Quentin Tarantino

How The Golden Girls Helped Launch Quentin Tarantino’s Career

Believe it or not, a small acting job on the 1980s NBC TV show The Golden Girls helped pave the way for Quentin Tarantino's feature-length directorial debut in 1992 with Reservoir Dogs.
Coronavirus Outbreak Facts & COVID-19 Information

14 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Facts That You Need To Know

Here are some Novel Coronavirus outbreak facts and information about COVID-19, the frightening disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 Novel Coronavirus.
Irish Jokes

20 Funny St. Patrick’s Day Jokes That Are Also Kid Appropriate

If Irish Jokes are too politically incorrect for you, then these funny St. Patrick's Day jokes should make you laugh without feeling offended. 
App Store Images & Design

How To Make Great App Store Images For Apple, Android, Amazon, and Roku Devices

App Store Images: Here are some helpful links to all of the major app stores and the file requirements, image guidelines and design opportunities for each platform.
Email Marketing

How To Create An Email Link For HTML That Automatically Composes Emails

Here's how to create a custom email link for HTML that precomposes an email message using the to, from, cc, bcc, subject and even body text options.
Powerful Godfather Quotes

5 Powerful Godfather Quotes Full Of Valuable Life Lessons

From friendship to love, here are some of the most powerful Godfather quotes in Francis Ford Coppola's 1972 film.
Coronavirus Outbreak Hand Washing Songs Playlist

5 Coronavirus Hand Washing Songs With Catchy 20-Second Choruses

Here are some Coronavirus outbreak hand washing songs for adults that all have choruses that are about 20 seconds long.
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