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MethodShop’s Rankings

MethodShop is consistently in Google’s first page of search results, part of the top US sites on the web by both Quantcast (Top 15k) and Alexa (Top 50k Sites) and well ahead of larger competitors with the same exact target audience.

MethodShop Demographics & Audience Data

Our mix of tech and entertainment content attracts a valuable niche for advertisers. Our audiences over indexes in several categories including male, 18-44, with kids, college and grad school and luxury car owners.

MethodShop Demographics’s audience skews slightly male. Top age range 18-44. Children in household. College and grad school level education. Over indexes with incomes $100k+.
MethodShop Home Value, Equity and Refinancing Intenders
Our audience is more likely to own a home valued over $1M, have $140k+ in home equity and is interested in refinancing their homes. Source: Quantcast
MethodShop Audience Interests
Our audience has a strong affinity for several topics including technology and computing, sports, careers, science and arts and entertainment. Source: Quantcast
MethodShop Top Locations
MethodShop’s audience is primarily based in the United States with heavy usage in several major cities including New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Las Vegas. Source: Quantcast
MethodShop Audience TV Viewing Habits
MethodShop’s audience has an affinity to business, news and network TV brands including CNBC, Fox News, CNN, ABC and NBC. Sources: Quantcast and TiVo Research

About This Site

MethodShop launched in March 1996 and is one of the oldest independent tech blogs on the Internet. You can read more about our story here.