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Urooj is a freelance writer of some repute, even if she says so herself. Her goal in life is to be published in every international magazine and visitor-load-weary website. She can be contacted at kaziurooj [at] gmail [dot] com.
Female Photographer

10 Essential Things You’ll Need To Start A Successful Photography Business

If you're planning to venture into the photography business, here are all the tangible and intangible assets you'd need to get started.
Airplane Landing at Sunset

Huge List Of 888 Popular Travel Industry Keywords

Here's a huge list of high performing keywords for the air travel industry. Feel free to use them in your SEM campaigns or as part of your website SEO.
Twitter Fail Whale

How To Completely Fail on Twitter

Want to gain a lot of followers and get people talking about you on Twitter? If so, then leave this page immediately. Most of the...
Brain Network

Facebook User Doesn’t Know Difference Between Salmonella and Salmon

Too Dumb For Facebook: A Facebook user who ate raw chicken for a $20 bet doesn't know the difference between salmonella and salmon.
Spinach vs Marijuana: Which One Is More Likely To Kill You?

Spinach vs Marijuana: Which One Is More Likely To Kill You?

What killed more Americans last year? Spinach or marijuana? Here's a hint, Popeye is more at risk than Snoop Dogg. Here's the ultimate showdown: spinach vs marijuana.
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