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N is an addictive and award-winning 2D action puzzle stick figure game by Metanet Software. Inspired in part by Lode Runner, Soldat, and other side-scrolling games, in N The Game, you guide your ninja character through treacherous levels while watching out for mines, lasers, and heat-seeking missiles.

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Console & Mobile Versions Of “N The Game”

Over the years, N Game has expanded beyond web browsers to various consoles and mobile devices. It has been released for the Xbox Live Arcade under the title “N+“, the Nintendo DS and Sony’s PlayStation Portable system (Sony PSP).

What Does “N” In ‘N The Game’ Stand For?

What exactly does N stand for? We’re not sure. Probably “ninja” right? Please let us know in the comments below.
N Game

NERD NOTE: Metanet Software is an independent game development company founded in 2001 by Mare Sheppard and Raigan Burns. It is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. N The Game received the Audience Choice Award at the Independent Games Festival in 2005, and the Audience Choice Award at the Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition in 2006. N+ is the console and handheld version of the popular Adobe Flash-powered game.

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