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Chindogu – The Creative Hobby Of Making Bad Japanese Inventions

Making silly inventions is an extremely popular hobby in Japan. They call it Chindogu.
Bagelhead Girls

Bagel Heads: A Strange New Body Modification Trend in Japan

When my friend Elyse saw this photo posted on my Facebook wall she commented, "You know, I always think I'm open-minded, but then I read random crap like that and realize that I have limits... sitting 2 hours only to have a bagel formed on your forehead is just beyond my comprehension."
Dasubee Urinal Cleaning Robot

The Dasubee Urinal Cleaning Robot Is Helping Clean Japanese Men’s Rooms

The Dasubee Urinal Cleaning Robot from Japan might be the cutest innovation ever from the cleaning industry.

Amazing Japanese Fountain Can Draw Images In Water

Sometimes the strangest innovations come out of Japan. But this Japanese fountain that can draw images in water is just amazing.

Cute Japanese Elephant Urinal Cleaner Helps Keep Men’s Rooms Clean

Say hello to Dasubee - The Japanese Elephant Urinal Cleaner. To use Dasubee, just turn him on and back him into a dirty urinal...
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