Psy’s Gangnam Style Is Now the Most-Watched Video on YouTube of All Time

Gangnam Style music video breaks YouTube view limit

UPDATE: Gangnam Style now has 2.6 billion views on YouTube. It’s still #1. [July 2016]

Gangnam_Style_PSY_05logo Look out Justin Bieber! There’s a new king on YouTube. This week, the “Gangnam Style” music video by South Korean superstar, PSY, dethroned Canadian pop star Justin Bieber and is now the most viewed video on YouTube… of all time. “Gangnam Style” now has over 840 million views. The former “most viewed” honor was Bieber’s video for “Baby,” which currently has just over 800 million views.

Since the K-Pop songs was first uploaded to YouTube 4 months ago, the “Gangnam Style” video, song, and dance have taken the world by storm.

What exactly is “Gangnam Style”?  It’s a popular Korean term that references the lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul, Korea. But now thanks to PSY, the whole world is singing “Ehhhhh… sexy lady, Oppa is Gangnam style… ehhhhh, sexy lady oh oh oh oh…”

There are now thousands of videos with the word “Gangnam” in the title on YouTube [search link]. Everyone’s getting in on the fun. Even celebrities. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • PSY made a surprise visit on the Ellen DeGeneres show and tried to teach Britney Spears the famous horse dance… Britney, it’s certainly your prerogative, however the next you may want to put on your Sketchers.
  • MC Hammer has gone Gangnam and proves he “Can Touch This” as he takes the stage with PSY at the American Music Awards.
  • Even Google’s Eric Schmidt gives it a try… though he may want to give PSY a call for a dance lesson (just sayin’)

So, if you haven’t yet tried it, now’s the time!  If you think you have “Gangnam Style”, share a link of your video with us below in the comments.

And if you want to practice your moves offline, here’s a MethodShop tutorial on how to download the “Gangnam Style” music video from YouTube.

Photo via on Flickr