Properly parking your car really isn’t that hard. Parking lots and parking spaces are usually clearly marked. And a little common sense goes a long way. For example, not parking on a helipad, in front of a fire hydrant or under a leaking pipe in the middle of winter are all good ideas. But obviously common sense escapes some of us. Here are some hilariously bad parking fails that are sure to make you smile.

1This Hoboken Police Car Got Booted

Photo via Hoboken411

The Hoboken Parking Authority are legendary for their strict ticking and parking enforcement in New Jersey. They won’t even let the Hoboken Police get away with parking in front of a fire hydrant.

2Parking On A Helipad

Parking your crappy minivan on a helipad just takes being a parking asshole to a whole new level.

3Sinkhole Parking Spot

4Alt Fuel Cars Only

5Parked Under An Ice Column

Parking under a leaking pipe in the middle of winter is probably not a good idea. Unless you really want an ice column attached to your car.

6Walmart Shopping Cart Stall

7Blocked A Fire Hydrant During A Fire

Word to the wise, firefighters do this all the time. If you park in front fire hydrant, they will smash your windows to run their hose.

8Pickup Truck Nose Dive

9Avalanche Parking Lot

After watching this video, you might think twice before grabbing that prime parking spot at the base of the ski mountain.

10Is Parking Stupidity Contagious?