Make Your Own Awesome Text-Based iPod Games with iStory Creator

iStory Creator

Tired of playing the four games the come installed on your iPod? If you are, there is hope! Thanks to iStory Creator, there are now numerous “Choose Your Own Adventure” iPod games. The app allows you to easily create your own interactive stories and install creations from other users.

User Created iStories

There are tons of user created iStories. Here are some available for download. Most of them are free but some require a small fee.

DateTitleByDescriptionPriceGet It
06/01/04Kiwi KrazyAStoryA rather short and retarded adventure. You are a crazy bird collector on a quest to capture a kiwi. Have fun. This is my first iStory and my goal is to make 40.FreeDownload
05/31/04Iraq AttackAndrewA game much like “Assassin” but with a more recent twist. This game has a very intriguing plot, so be sure to check it out.FreeDownload
05/25/04GTA: San Andreasby Paul CrowleyIf you liked the GTA Series, then you will love this game!FreeDownload
05/25/04Lost ForestDerek OverlockYou are lost in the forest. You start to hear voices and you escape but then you have to fight the infamous LEATHER FACE!FreeDownload
05/02/04Big Bullieswritten by iPod_FanYou are a 5th grader. You are walking to school and guess who you see?. It’s Butch the Bully! What should you do?…FreeDownload
04/25/04Assassinationwritten by Nick(Version 2.0) Choose your character and go kill someone as a hired gun.FreeDownload
04/25/04Texas BJ Massacrewritten by Joel TrimbleWarning: Explicit Content A unique adventure through a very crazy plot; Author says: “funny if you’re messed up in the head”FreeDownload
04/19/04Medieval AdventureIceBladerMedieval Adventure is an action RPG where you take the role of a Roman teen trying to make it in life by fighting.$3.00Buy
04/19/04iPod MillionaireIceBladeriPod Millionaire is a quiz like games similar to “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”Reg: $2.00
Sale: $1.00
04/13/04Breakoutwritten by nickYou are a man who has been locked up for a murder you didn’t commit. You must escape from jail and kill the judge who sentenced you to death in this new action-adventure iStory.FreeDownload
04/07/04Former Child Starwritten by tiki_godYou are a forgotten star trying to make something of his life in this somewhat wacky new iStory.FreeDownload
04/07/04Slick City: Volume 1written by l_toonThe city is in C.H.A.O.S; Can you handle it?FreeDownload
04/05/04The Forest That is Dark (except for where it wasn’t)written by Juliet DeemYou have been chosen to enter the forest that is dark. Do you have what it takes to slay the dreaded–MONSTER!? Find out in this new iStory.FreeDownload
04/05/04Mafiawritten by vinstar711You are Joe Sinkrensen, you work for the mafia, and your job is to ki- I mean get rid of Fredrico Malvoci in this new iStory adventure.FreeDownload
03/31/04Dragonballswritten by Kurt8374A DragonBall Z parody featuring the darker side of the infamous dragon balls. The game is chock full of sex, drugs, and of course DBZ fighting. (Mature Content)FreeDownload
03/25/04Harry Potter AdventurePorted by iJman(Version 2.5) – You are a muggle that has broken into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You are on a keen search for your idol, Harry Potter’s, autograph. Search through the depths of the castle and beyond to find him… or meet certain death! You can view the original story at brunching.comFreeDownload
03/13/04Who Wants to be a Millionaire?Written by iJman and Darrell(Volume 1, Version 2) You have been chosen to play on the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” with Regis Philbin! Do you have what it takes to win the two million dollars final prize and settle your financial issues for good? (Audio included)FreeDownload
03/12/04Til’ Death Do Us PartPorted by iJman“You play the role of a husband trying to make his new relationship with his wife work. Experience all the obstacles of marriage, and deal with them in your own way!…but beware of the consequences of your actions!”FreeDownload
03/11/04Pokemon Parody AdventurePorted by iJman(Version 2.0) – Ever wanted to be a pokemon master? This game takes pokemon where it hasn’t gone before in this hilarious parody. Travel the lands as Big Bertha, as you and your trusty pokemon Yuckipoo conquer the lands and become the very best.FreeDownload
03/08/04Corporate LadderPorted by iJmanWritten by Rob Ide, A zany adventure through the corporate ladder. To you have what it takes to be on top?FreeDownload
03/07/04The HoboMade by iJmanYou are a lazy bum on the streets of New York. You hate the way you live and want to refine your life and find a steady job. Go get yourself a career!FreeDownload
03/01/04Alone at NightMade by Jon Richards (UK)Its an interactive story about coming home from work at night and discovering that something very unexpected happens!FreeDownload
02/22/04German Audio/Text Quiz (1.87 mb)Made by grimmetA German quiz game, with an audio question and 4 answering choices to each question. A score is given out at the end based on how many you get right. ( )FreeDownload
02/21/04Girlfriend Quest (10 kb)Ported by Fat_MikeYou are lonely and girlfriendless; Do you have what it takes to get a girl? Try the original online version at swytpinay.comFreeDownload
02/21/04Original iTAG Game (9 kb)Made by KlobermanYou have lost your iPod, do you have what it takes to get it back?FreeDownload

How To Install iStories

After downloading new iStory games, plug your iPod into your computer and double click your iPod icon on your desktop. Then drag and drop the stories into the Notes folder on your iPod.

How To Play iStory Games

When you want to play the games, go to the notes folder on your iPod, find the story title, open it and click on a title. There are currently 48 games or quizzes available for free. I put all of them on my iPod, but remember there is a 1,000 note limit! Also, sometimes it takes a while to load all of the notes. If you make a bad choice when playing a game, just hit the menu button to go back. Have fun and good luck!

Where To Download iStory Creator

Want to make your own text-based adventures? The iStory Creator app is available for both Mac and Windows computers.

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