iPod Add-Ons

iPod Add-Ons 1The Craze That Lasts

With Apple’s recent Keynote speech and it’s unveiling of the iPod Shuffle, Steve Jobs brought about something else with this release to the iPod product line that may/may not have struck fear into the hearts of third party accessory developers.

With the iPod accessory business larger than anyone could have ever foreseen, will company’s little and big that currently profit from creating these add-ons for the iPod suffer or flourish? It depends, the circumstances vary, but one thing will be certain: Better quality for users.

With Apple’s new “Made for iPod” program, Apple will control the manufacturing of its player’s accessories by approving a quality third party add-on for its different and mainstream music players. This will ultimately assure buyers they are not buying or letdown by performance of these player add-ons. Overall, this will benefit the consumer and Apple to assure customers keep buying from Apple and the accessory manufacturers.