Mac Pioneer Dies at 61!!!

Mac Pioneer Dies at 61!!! 1
“Jef Raskin, the human-computer interface expert largely credited with beginning the Macintosh project for Apple Computer, died Saturday at age 61” [Via CNet]

Raskin, who named the Macintosh after his favorite fruit, joined Apple in January 1978 as employee No. 31.

Famed UI designer dead at 61! What a shame to one of the most credited and copied people or “styles” in UI trends for modern and future technology.

Jef Raskin, named the Mac after his most favorite fruit. This man new graphics and ease-of-use would be the future of UI design for all to come. He left Apple after development of the Mac after Steve Jobs had reportedly had conflicting issues with Raskin. Raskin claims much of what he initially conceptualized he had seen from Xerox, though originality in the Mac was evident from start to finish.

After leaving Apple, Raskin designed Canon Cat. This striped down computing device didn’t succeed and many blame this on the poor marketing, but non-the-less, Raskin was a pioneer and example setter for all technology and those who inspire to create as he did. His influence can be seen in almost every modern technology we use today.