iPod Shuffle Clone Rip Off

iPod Shuffle Clone Rip Off 1Shuffling the Competition?

Nobody could have predicted the portable music dynamo that the iPod Shuffle has become, but nonetheless, success breeds competition, and competition often creates rip offs. That’s exactly what’s on the minds of Taiwan-based LuxPro who unveiled their Super Shuffle at CeBIT this week. Essentially, an iPod Shuffle in every way, from form to function, the Super Shuffle picks up where the iPod Shuffle left off, adding both FM Tuner and Voice Recording capabilities.

The Super Shuffle supports MP3, MP3-VBR, WMA, WMA-DRM, WAV music formats. There is no support for AAC files.

Currently pressed by Apple to remove its rip off from the stands at the CeBIT convention, LuxPro has other intentions. Even the stand backdrop for LuxPro’s Super Shuffle featured colors and icons reminiscent of the iPod Shuffle commercials.