iTunes to Support Podcasting

iTunes to Support Podcasting 1
“With the next version of iTunes, there will be a way for everyone to find and subscribe to podcasts via the music management programme, the company said in a statement. ” [Via]

Podcasting Support for iTunes

Companies like iPodderX will have a run for their money when iTunes comes out with this update…A very strong and reliable and constantly changing program, iPodderX has had a stranglehold on the virgin podcasting market. It seems that Apple, like many of the network news channels on TV, have realized they can’t stand back and watch this phenomenon take off without having part in it…I hope that Apple’s involvement doesn’t somehow make these podcasts turn into more mainstream banter than the unprofessional yet highly entertaining stuff we have now…There’s room to grow, and hopefully iTunes support for podcasting will help it grow and not hinder it…