Don’t Steal a Camera Phone

minted methodshopMost cell phone companies provide customers with online access to their accounts. You can access your account online to do things like modify your address book or even see pictures and videos from your digital camera phone.

The following is from someone who had their phone stolen. When he logged into the online account for his cell phone, this is what he found.

He may not know who stole his phone, but he sure knows…

  • what the thief looks like… … [see photo on right]
  • what the thief’s girlfriend looks like (naked)
  • what their kid looks like
  • and that they had sex with birthday balloons in the background

“My cell phone got stolen last week…. i just noticed it missing the other day and called up and had it turned off…. well im sitting around today tooling around on the computer and decided to go on my picture mail and see if pics have been sent…. whenever u send a pic to an email address it automatically saves a copy on my sprint website….. so guess what i find….. they used the camcorder on my phone to make a sex video…. HA!!!!! %!$#*& low life thieves….”

So I guess the moral of the story is – never steal a camera phone.