Simpl A1 iPod Amplifier

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Over the past few years I’ve had several iPods and they’ve been through the proverbial ringer. Given the innovative design and versatility of the iPod we’ve used it during commutes on the noisy NYC subways, road trips in the car (power cords), the centerpiece of my home audio system or a simple way to escape into a world of music with a nice pair of headphones.

BUT…some of the main problems with the versatility of the iPod is that everyone wants the most out of each and every song no matter how it’s being used.

The Simpl A1 iPod amplifier enhances just about every application for your iPod by improving sound, enhancing performance of high-end headphones, extends battery life, and can be used to amplify any audio device with a stereo mini jack connection, while being compatible with all full-sized iPods.

[Via Treblemaker]