e-Fuze.com Relaunches

e-Fuze.com Relaunches 1e-Fuze.com is now back online and better than ever! Now, you not only still get all those daily tech news at the blog found at e-Fuze.com/blog, but you can also submit and vote for your own stories!

The new site works like this: Stories you post get rated and those with the highest rating get promoted to the homepage. The press release can be found here. Please feel free to register (takes 30 seconds) and submit your own content. This can be especially important if you have a blog which can give you some exposure as well. Also, voting is open to everyone and you can customize the RSS sidebar on the left to your liking, and best of all, that doesn’t require registration!

Existing “established blogs mostly post content that is simply not as significant. At the e-Fuze tech blog, only relevant and important news will be published as they break in the most concise manner possible,” say Peggy, Chief Executive Officer at e-Fuze.

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