ABC greenlights Cavemen

ABC greenlights Cavemen 1Third-place network ABC announced its official fall lineup yesterday, unveiling 11 new series. And it looks like the stars of the season will be doctors, powerful women and … cavemen.

Yes, it’s official. The pilot has passed, and the hirsute protagonists from the Geico commercials are getting their own series Tuesday nights on ABC.

The plot of ‘Cavemen’ will center on three prehistoric men living in Atlanta, navigating their way through a modern society filled with caveman stereotypes — much like the mopey neanderthals you¹ve seen on the commercials, who just want a little respect from their clean-shaven peers.

An ongoing message about ethnic prejudice will underlie the punchlines.

“It gives you kind of the ability to offend everybody but offend no one,” ABC Entertainment President Stephen McPherson said yesterday.

The show is already angering one person: George Lopez, whose eponymous ABC show was canceled. He vented to the Los Angeles Times that his show is being ditched for a bunch of cavemen.

“TV just became really, really white again,” Lopez said.

[Via AM]