Even though McDonald’s fast-food restaurant chain originated in the United States, the American menu doesn’t always work in different countries. As a result, the McDonald’s menu around the world is customized to appeal to different regional tastes. Depending on your pallet, you will either love or hate the food items on this list. Here’s how much the McDonald’s menu from around the world varies by location.

01) McMolletes (Mexico)

Move over Egg McMuffin. On the McDonald’s menu in Mexico, they have a breakfast item called McMolletes. The McMolletes sandwich is a mini version of a traditional Mexican breakfast dish: refried beans topped with cheese and salsa.

McMolletes - McDonald's Menu From Around The World
McMolletes from the McDonald’s menu in Mexico.

02) McCurry Wurst (Germany)

The McDonald’s menu around the world has a lot of similar items. But the McDonald’s in Germany is the only place you’ll find the McCurry Wurst. It features sliced German sausage with curry sauce and curry powder. By the way, McDonald’s Germany also serves beer.

McDonald's McCurry Wurst from Germany
The McCurry Wurst on the McDonald’s menu in Germany.

03) Georgie Pies (New Zealand)

McDonald’s bought out the New Zealand fast-food chain Georgie Pie in 1996. The move instantly gave them locations across New Zealand and all George Pie restaurants were rebranded as McDonald’s and their menus switched. But after decades of requests from the public and a popular Facebook Fan PageMcDonald’s New Zealand reintroduced some of Georgie Pie’s menu items in 2013. Pie fillings include minced steak, vegetable, chicken and fruits like apple pie and blackberry.

McDonald's Georgie Pie - McDonald's Menu From New Zealand
A Georgie Pie from the McDonald’s menu in New Zealand. This meat pie with cheese is a popular local favorite.

NERD NOTE: People in both New Zealand and Australia refers to McDonald’s as Macca’s. Surveys have shown at least 50% of the population use the nickname. McDonald’s has embraced the name, adopted it for marketing purposes and even copyrighted it.

04) Teriyaki Maku Baagaa (Japan)

The Maku Baagaa, or Teriyaki McBurger, is a beef burger marinated in teriyaki sauce on the McDonald’s Japanese menu. You can also add an egg to it. That’s called a Teritama (Teriyaki Egg Burger).

Maku Baagaa - McDonald's Menu Japan
The Maku Baagaa from the McDonald’s menu in Japan.

05) Tsukimi Baagaa (Japan)

The Tsukimi Baagaa (Moon Viewing Burger) is a special McDonald’s Japan menu item. It’s only available in the fall to celebrate the harvest moon. The Tsukimi Baagaa has an egg, beef patty, smoky bacon, fry sauce (ketchup and mayonnaise) is sandwiched between a sesame bun.

Tsukimi Baagaa - McDonalds Worldwide Menu
The Tsukimi Baagaa is a special seasonal item from the McDonald’s menu in Japan.

06) Ebi Fireo (Japan)

Similar to the American Filet-O-Fish but this sandwich would be better described as a Filet-O-Shrimp. The Ebi Fireo on the McDonald’s menu in Japan has a fried shrimp patty, lettuce, fish and vegetable sauce on a sesame seed bun.

Ebi Fireo - McDonald's Menu From Around The World
The Ebi Fireo on the McDonald’s menu in Japan has a fried shrimp patty, lettuce, fish and vegetable sauce on a bun.

07) Matcha Oreo McFlurry (Japan)

The McFlurry ice cream dessert first debuted on the McDonald’s Canada menu in 1995. But it quickly became one of the most popular items on the McDonald’s menu from around the world. In fact, the McFlurry is now a global standard for the restaurant chain. Different countries put their own spin on the McFlurry. One of the most popular flavors is the green tea McFlurry from Japan. A version with Oreo cookies, called the Matcha Oreo McFlurry, can now be found on various McDonald’s menus around the world.

Matcha Oreo McFlurry - McDonald's Canada Menu
Matcha Oreo McFlurry: A green tea ice cream dessert with Oreos. This popular McDonald’s menu item originated in Japan but can now be found at McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

08) Gurakoro (Japan)

The Gurakoro is a macaroni and shrimp cream croquette sandwich with shredded cabbage and katsu sauce. Similar to the McRib in the United States, this seasonal burger only makes a short appearance on the menu every year and has a cult following.

Gurakoro - McDonald's Menu From Around The World - Japan
The Gurakoro is a seasonal macaroni and shrimp cream croquette sandwich on the McDonald’s menu in Japan.

09) Maharaja Mac (India)

There are tons of cows in India, but you can’t order a Big Mac. Cows are sacred and the Hindu people don’t eat beef. So they have a Maharaja Mac available in chicken or veggie.

Maharaja Mac - McDonald's Menu From India
The Maharaja Mac is a chicken or veggie hamburger from the McDonald’s menu in India.

10) McAloo Tikki (India)

Another popular item from the McDonald’s menu in India is the McAloo Tikki. This vegetarian burger is made out of spicy peas, carrots, and potatoes. This sandwich is also often called the McVeggie.

McAloo Tikki: McDonald's Menu

11) Spicy Paneer Wrap (India)

The Spicy Paneer Wrap on the McDonald’s menu in India is a grill-pressed tortilla wrap with deep-fried paneer cheese and vegetables.

Spicy Paneer Wrap - McDonalds Worldwide Menu

12) McArabia (Egypt, Pakistan, Middle East)

The McArabia is a pita sandwich available in several Middle Eastern countries including Egypt and Pakistan. The sandwich includes two grilled chicken or kofta meat patties with vegetables and garlic sauce.

13) Rice Burger (Taiwan, Hong Kong)

Not a fan of bread or soggy buns? McDonald’s Taiwan has a Rice Burger with chicken or beef and… no bun. They substitute a rice patty in place of a traditional hamburger bun.

One of the weirdest McDonald’s regional customizations isn’t a menu item, it’s a restaurant theme. At the McDonald’s Maid Café in Taiwan, the female staff dress up in maid outfits and refer to customers as “Master.” Here’s more info on Asian Maid Cafes if you’re curious.

14) Mega Mac (Turkey)

The Turkish have taken the “supersize” concept to the next level. The Mega Mac is a four beef patty sandwich with cheese available at McDonald’s Turkey.

Mega Mac: McDonald's Menu Items Around The World - Turkey

15) Pizzarotto (Italy)

The Pizzarotto is a calzone (pizza sandwich) with a tomato and mozzarella cheese filling. Add an optional side of parmesan cheese and you’ll almost have a… pizza.

Pizzarotto: McDonald's Strange Menu

16) Pollo CBO (Venezuela)

McDonald’s Venezuela features a chicken sandwich called a Pollo CBO. The Pollo CBO a fried chicken patty topped with sautéed onions, bacon and cheese.

Pollo CBO: McDonalds Menu Venezula

17) McLaks (Norway)

Fish is a major part of the Norwegian diet, not beef. So McDonald’s Norway added a fish sandwich called the McLaks to their menu. It’s a grilled salmon and dill sauce sandwich.

McLaks - McDonald's Menu Item

18) McLobster Roll (Canada)

Canada has a popular fish sandwich called the McLobster lobster roll. Pardon me – “McHomard” (in French).


19) Greek Mac (Greece)

It’s not Greek without pita, right? The Greek Mac is a burger with meat patties wrapped in a pita. That’s right, a pita burger?! This is a great example of how the McDonald’s menu around the world has adapted to different cultures.

20) McHuevo (Paraguay)

The McDonald’s menu in Paraguay has the McHuevo, a hamburger with a poached egg on top. It might look familiar to another McDonald’s menu around the world… the Ebi Fireo (Japan). The McHuevo is similar to the Ebi Fireo, but without the bacon.

McHuevo - mcdonald's menu around the world

Variety Thrives In The McDonald’s Menu Around The World

For a company that started just serving burgers and fries, the McDonald’s worldwide menu sure has grown and diversified through the years. Have you sampled McDonald’s food around the world? What are some of your favorite menu items?

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