It’s not a huge surprise, but Apple’s gone ahead and posted a note confirming that OS X Leopard will not support Classic, even on PowerPC machines. Of course, Intel Macs have never been able to run Classic anyway, so only like Hypercard user groups and the three print shops still running QuarkXPress 4 and will be affected by this…

RIP: Classic Mac OS 1984-2007 1

Is This Really The End Of The Mac Classic OS?

But this does mark the end of the road for the venerable and oft-maligned OS? The Mac Classic OS ushered in the mainstream GUI era with the 128K Mac in 1984 and remained the default boot on all new Macs until OS X 10.1.2 was released 18 years later in 2002. Steve Jobs even staged a melodramatic mock funeral for OS 9 at the 2002 WWDC. Still, the old warhorse managed to hang around for another 5 years, and we’re a little sad to finally see it go.

I hope someone makes a stable Leopard emulator for Mac Classic soon. I still like to play a lot of those old System 7 games like Star Trek 25th Anniversary.

Source: engadget