minted methodshopSweet. Quirky. Fun. Talented. Cute. Folky. These are just some of the words you might use to describe Anya Marina… but don’t tell Anya that. She’s more comfortable labeling herself Miss Almost or Miss Maybe as she does in her hit song “Miss Halfway.” But perhaps “Miss Out-Of-My-Way” would be more appropriate.

Anya’s debut album “Exercises in Racketeering” won the San Diego Music Award for best local artist. Her music has been used on several TV shows including MTV‘s The Real World, Numbers and the hit ABC-TV drama Grey’s Anatomy.

When Anya isn’t serenading millions of TV viewers, she still finds time to do stuff like act in the Lions Gate romantic teen comedy 100 Girls and fill the morning drive DJ slot on San Diego’s 94/9 FM. Not too shabby for “Miss Halfway.”

In between DJ shifts and recording sessions Anya found a little time to sit down and answer some of our questions.

Interview: Anya Marina – DJ by Day. Pop-Star by Night.