Ultimate Texting And Walking Fails: Guy Almost Walks Into a Bear

Don’t you hate it when people can’t dig their faces out of their smartphones? Honestly, sometimes real life is a little more important. As you’ll see in this video from the KTLA Los Angeles helicopter, this guy was too involved in his phone to notice a GIANT BEAR on the sidewalk in front of him. It’s one of the most ridiculous texting and walking fails of all time. He is literally almost texting and walking right into a bear.

Texting And Walking Bear Incident

Hey, buddy if you’re reading this, that game of Draw Something, tweet or Text Message can probably wait. You might want to save your iPhone battery for calling 911 after the bear mauls your face off.

Texting And Walking Fails Are On The Rise

Ultimate Texting And Walking Fails: Guy Texting And Walking Almost Walks Into a Bear

Although shocking, this texting and walking bear video isn’t an isolated occurrence. Smartphone addiction is on the rise and incidents of people texting and walking are sadly becoming more common. Here are a few examples:

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