Think that family of wild turkeys in your neighborhood is cute? Think again. They’ve been known to harass kids, adults, mailmen, dogs, and cats. Watch out! These wild turkey attack videos might make want to run for your life.

1Wild Turkeys Attack Family During Neighborhood Walk

Do wild turkeys attack humans? Yes, they do. In an obvious retaliation to their mass slaughter during Thanksgiving, some turkeys in suburban Cherry Hill, New Jersey are launching preemptive strikes. This poor family was forced to flee into oncoming traffic to escape this aggressive gang of turkeys.

2Wild Turkeys Attack A Cat

This poor orange Garfield cat was just relaxing under a tree until this turkey attack. A gang of wild turkeys surrounded this poor cat and attacked.

3Wild Turkey Attacks Man Delivering Mail

This mailman in Cape Cod, Massachusetts gets chased every single day while delivering mail on his route. He even carries a special pole to keep the turkeys away while he’s working.

4Wild Turkeys Terrorize Massachusetts Town

Residents in Foxboro, Massachusetts are constantly terrorized by a gang of wild turkeys. Several people have reported being chased and attacked by the gang.

5Wild Turkey Attacks Woman

Debby Andell, a bookkeeper for the Massachusetts Audubon Society, experienced a frightening wild turkey attack while at work. She was attacked by a large turkey while outside feeding the local songbirds. This wasn’t her first encounter with the bird. She has photos of the wild turkey pecking at the glass outside her office window.

Wild Turkey Attacks: Have You Been A Victim?

If you’ve ever wondered: Will a wild turkey attack a human? The answer is yes. Who knew turkeys could be so aggressive. Have you or a member of your family ever been the victim of a wild turkey assault? Please tell us about it in the comments.

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