One of the best parts of celebrating Halloween, especially for kids, is pumpkin carving. It’s a great chance to get messy while you express your creativity. You can carve anything that you want on a pumpkin. Most people prefer simple or funny pumpkins carvings. But what if you want to give your pumpkins some serious geekitude? From Star Wars to Lord Of The Rings, here are some nerdy pumpkin carving ideas for Sci-Fi fans and carving templates in case you need them.

1Lord Of The Rings Pumpkin

2Gollum Pumpkin Carving

3Yoda Pumpkin Carving

4Lord Of The Rings White Tree of Gondor

5Cylon Pumpkin

6Death Star Pumpkin

The size of a small moon, the Death Star is a huge space station from Star Wars with a powerful laser capable of destroying planets. Since the Death Star and pumpkins essentially have the same round shape, it’s the perfect inspiration for a nerdy pumpkin carving. The detailed Death Star pumpkin above was created by Noel Dickover. Check out his tutorial if you want to attempt that. BTW, we also interviewed Noel about his famous Halloween pumpkin carvings. But here’s an easy Death Star pumpkin carving template (pictured below) in case you need one.

Death Star pumpkin carving template

Nerdy Pumpkin Carving Ideas

What did you think of these nerdy pumpkins? Was it a good selection for Sci-Fi fans? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

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