The last Monday in January every year is the most unnecessary holiday possible, Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. Here’s how to celebrate the silly Bubble Wrap Day holiday without hurting the environment.

Bubble Wrap Is Bad For The Environment

Bubble Wrap is bad for the environment. It’s just temporary plastic filled with air that is quickly discarded after shipping. Cardboard spacers, paper padding, and better package design can all easily replace bubble wrap and not be so harmful to the environment. The only thing to really like about bubble wrap is popping it.

How to Celebrate National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Without Bubble Wrap

The only thing worse than using Bubble Wrap for shipping is wasting it just for popping. What a terrible habit. If you really want the satisfaction of popping every single bubble on a sheet of Bubble Wrap, then pop virtual bubbles. It’s an environmentally friendly way to pop plastic air bubbles. Happy National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

Bubble Wrap Flash Game

FLASH REQUIRED: This game requires Adobe Flash. It will NOT work on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, or web browsers without the Adobe Flash plugin installed. Desktop users can download Adobe Flash here.

Bubble Wrap Smartphone Games

If you have an iPhone, then check out some of the free virtual bubble wrap games for iOS. They are a lot of fun and let you pop freely on the go.

Bubble Wrap Games (iOS)
Bubble Wrap Games (iOS)

Amazon also has a full selection of both free and paid Bubble Wrap Popping games (Android) for your smartphone.

Bubble Wrap Popping Games (AndroidIng
Bubble Wrap Games (Android)

Bubble Wrap History

Bubble wrap was first discovered when two plastic shower curtains were sealed together. The inventors knew they had a good idea on their hands, they just didn’t quite know what.

  • Bubble Wrap Wallpaper: The inventor’s first idea was to market this bubbly sheet of plastic as wallpaper. As tempting as it would be to just punch your walls and make them pop, that idea failed.
  • Bubble Wrap Greenhouse Insulation: After bubble wrap wallpaper failed to catch on, the inventors next tried to market it as greenhouse insulation. Another failure.
  • Bubble Wrap Packaging: But the inventors keep at it, even after two failures. Their next idea was a hit. They decided to try bubble wrap as package cushioning. Their first customer was IBM. The computer manufacturer used bubble wrap to ship the IBM 1401 to its customers. Since then bubble wrap has been used to ship items small and large around the world.

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