Yeti Sports: Albatros Overload – Play Now For Free

Toss your Penguin to the birds and see how far they can go!

Just like many of the other Yeti Sports games like Penguin Toss and Bloody Penguin Baseball, the goal of Yeti Sports Albatros Overload is distance.

How To Play Yeti Sports Albatros Overload

The game starts with your Yeti ready to launch your Penguin high into the sky where flocks of Albatross, large seabirds, are waiting to carry him across the sandy beach. Time your launch carefully and make sure an Albatross is ready to catch him above. Once the Albatross has your penguin, you only have a certain amount of wing flaps until the Albatross runs out of power.

More Yeti Spots Games

There is a whole series of Yeti games you can play online including Bloody Penguin Baseball with features blood, spikes, penguin decapitation, and land mines and Penguin Toss: Longshot which reduces the gravity in the game and enables your penguin to travel much farther.

Share Your Yeti Sports High Scores

How far can your Penguin go? Can you beat @accarrino‘s high score of 878? Have fun and please post your high scores in the comments below!