Top 13 Rejected Limited Edition iPods

After Apple released the limited edition U2 Black iPod, the door opened for imitators to follow. Let's hope these ideas never even make it past the drawing board.

Now that Apple released its new U2 limited edition iPod, the door has been opened for imitators to follow. Let’s hope these limited edition iPod ideas never even make it past the drawing board.

1Ashlee Simpson iPod

“I feel so bad! My band started playing the wrong song, and I didn’t know what to do, so I thought I’d do a hoedown.”

The hardwired shuffle functionality always plays a random song when you press play ensuring that you recreate the infamous Ashlee Simpson SNL performance. It comes with a gift certificate for “acid reflux” medicine.

The Paris Hilton limited edition iPod looks good but it actually does nothing. WARNING: Hard drive not included.

3The Jacko Pod

4W Pod

Accepts user request for a particular song, pauses for 10 seconds, then plays whatever it wants while the screen flashes the words ” It’s Hard Work!” Scroll wheel only spins to the right. NOTE: Only expect a C+ performance.

5Kerry Pod

The John Kerry Pod automatically plays the tune you most want to hear but flips to another tune when someone else walks by. Comes with a free pair of flip-flopsNOTE: Your playlists will change by themselves daily.

6The jloPod

Includes an extra-large rear battery attachment.

7The iDiddy iPod

This limited-edition HP iPod is encrusted with so much cubic zirconia “bling” that it can also function as a disco ball. iPod hood ornament adapter sold separately.

8Lindsay Lohan iPod

The limited-edition Lindsay Lohan iPod takes two DD-size batteries in the front compartment for extended playtime. It can also run on Vodka and comes with a tiny funnel.

9The iMSFT

The iMSFT iPod was inspired by Bill Gates and the Microsoft Windows operating system. It comes preloaded with viruses, sloppy code, and requires a fulltime IT department to maintain. One error requiring IT’s help per day is guaranteed. Includes a special BSOD function.

10The Steve Balmer iPod

Special docking system spins around in circles leaking sweat and repeatedly flashes “Developers!” on the LCD screen.


Pre-loaded with “Here Comes the Bride” and has a spare wedding ring compartment for quickie ceremonies with wannabe white rappers. Comes pre-engraved with the word “White Trash ” on the back.

13FEMA iPod

Intelligent design circuitry constantly primps and improves the appearance of this iPod, while thousands of people in New Orleans starve and swim in their own waste. 

More Limited Edition iPod Ideas?

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