Pepsi iTunes Deadline For Free Song Downloads: May 23, 2005

Pepsi iTunes Music
Music background image via geralt

If you were one of the millions of people who found a winning Pepsi iTunes bottle cap, then listen up: time is running out. You must not only enter the cap codes in iTunes but also use them to buy songs by the end of today! Unused codes will simply disappear from your iTunes account.

Pepsi iTunes: Peek Angle

Pepsi stopped distributing the bottles featuring the iTunes promotion on April 11, 2005. So buy the Pepsi bottles while you can. Be sure to peek under the cap before you buy to make sure you have a winning bottle.

Pepsi iTunes Under The Cap Peek

IMPORTANT: You must use the song credit before TODAY – May 23, 2005. Open iTunes now.

Pepsi iTunes Deadline & Rules

Pepsi promotion winners can only claim up to 10 songs per day and 200 tunes total during the giveaway. Once the codes were entered into the iTunes Music Store, users have until May 23, 2005, to use their free songs.