iPods with Sirius Satellite Radio

iPods with Sirius Satellite Radio 1According to AppleInsider.com, Apple has a new line of iPod products that may be announced at MacWorld in January. These products are more than “accessories” and are being called iPod Companions.

One of the rumored iPod companion products is a Apple Boombox with a hard drive, streaming capabilities and Sirius Satellite radio.

AppleInsider isn’t the only website predicting this major deal. Sirius already has Howard Stern coming in 2006. If Sirius makes a deal with Apple to bring their satellite radio programming to the iPod, their satellite competitor, XM, might as well pack it in.

“[A Sirius iPod] doesn’t seem too far fetched considering that there have been negotiations between Apple and Sirius Satellite Radio over the past year.”
~ Softpedia.com