Good news for VH1 fans. The US cable network launched (4) original video promotional podcasts from some of its most popular programs. The new VH1 video podcasts include Best Week Ever, Best Week Ever Daily, Best of VH1 and Flavor of Love.

Best Night Ever

The signature VH1 video podcast is Best Night Ever, which consists of five minutes worth of clips from the previous night’s prime-time TV shows, along with commentary from VH1 personalities. Best Night Ever will be produced each weekday.

Best Week Ever Daily & Best of VH1

VH1‘s Best Week Ever Daily is a daily version of the network’s weekly pop culture roundup.

Best Of VH1

Best of VH1, which will include highlights from a variety of VH1 shows, such as All Access. Best of VH1 will be produced three times a week.

Flavor of Love

Flavor Flav‘s show, Flavor of Love, will compile highlights of the former Surreal Life contestant and Public Enemy frontman’s dating show.

VH1 Video Podcasts

All (4) of VH1’s new podcasts are advertising free. The network’s goal with this content is to increase engagement with their content and drive more TV viewership to their network. The new podcasts are available on, iTunes, and other podcast aggregators.

To subscribe to a Video Podcast in iTunes, just click on this link and select Podcasts from the menu.