Blackberry Pearl vs SideKick 3: Smartphone Showdown (2006)

Blackberry Pearl vs SideKick 3: Smartphone Showdown

For a while, cell phones and computers got smaller and smaller. Much like Nicole Ritchie, they have whittled away until they were razor-thin and hardly larger than a book of matches. Soon, phones couldn’t get any smaller without disappearing or getting lost in everyone’s comparatively enormous pants pockets. So, instead of pushing the miniature envelope, cell companies began to make phones that fulfilled more functions. Hence, the birth of the superphone, like the brand spanking new Sidekick 3 and Blackberry Pearl 8100. Form, function, and a sizable price tag: these phones have everything, so how do you know which one to buy? Good question! We took a closer look, so you don’t have to.

Style & Looks:

Sidekick 3

Both the Sidekick and the Blackberry Pearl are easy on the eyes, so you could proudly whip out either one in public without shame. The Sidekick features a twist-up screen for easier viewing, much like a laptop. You’ve probably seen it in action in person or maybe in a news story about Paris Hilton‘s phone being hacked. Blackberry’s latest is oriented more like a phone; its website offered up the motto “Small, smart, and stylish”. Hence, it is sleeker and darker than its boxy, sidekicking counterpart, and more attractive in the all-around.

Sidekick: 0 Blackberry: 1


Blackberry Pearl

All smartphones may not be created equal, but a lot of them do similar stuff. The Sidekick and the Blackberry both do plenty, including phone, internet browser, text messaging, camera, and media player. Essentially, if your flight’s been delayed for an hour or six, you won’t be bored with a superphone as your travel companion. Looks like a toss-up.

Sidekick: 1 Blackberry: 2

Superfluous Perks:

In an attempt to differentiate themselves from the competition, both of our superphones in question advertise particular perks or features that are (allegedly) exclusive to that model. The Sidekick wants you to know that, in case your hands are too busy to hold your phone, they’ll hook you up with a Bluetooth hands-free headset. Blackberry says that, if you’re too busy to dial, you can use their voice-activated dialing (VAD) feature. Of course, the Blackberry also includes a “helpful setup wizard” for the technologically clueless among us, as well as the nebulous “Blackberry maps”. Hmmm, that sounds pretty perked out.

Sidekick: 1 Blackberry: 3

Final Verdict: Blackberry Pearl vs SideKick 3

For the look and feel we say it’s all Sidekick 3 but for function and “takin’ care of business” the Blackberry Pearl 8100 takes the cake. Congrats Blackberry! You won this round.