NBC, Intel team for VIP Access

NBC, Intel team for VIP Access 1NBC Universal and Intel are teaming up to launch an on-demand broadband service for NBC Uni programming on computers with Intel’s Viiv and Centrino technology.

NBC Uni’s VIP Access makes series including “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and “Heroes” available to Intel customers in a higher resolution than available through NBC 24/7, the network’s broadband platform. Instead of streaming the episodes, Intel customers will be able to download episodes for free, although not own them in perpetuity like iTunes downloads.

“Great content coupled with a great experience is a key differentiator on the Web,” said Beth Comstock, president, NBC Uni Digital Media and Market Development. “NBC’s VIP Access showcases some of the best content that we have and we are proud to be working with Intel to deliver the best high-resolution online video experience available to consumers.”