iPod Nano Commercials

iPod Nano Commercials 1Apple posted a downloadable QuickTime movie of the new iPod Nano ad on their website. You’ve probably already seen the ads on TV. If not, it’s a slight departure from Apple’s standard black silhouette dancer ads.

Although these ads still feature a silhouette dancer, their focus is more on the new colors of the iPod Nano and less about the dancer. It’s a very clever way to both evolve their iPod creative campaign and emphasize the new product colors.

And what iPod ad would be complete without a terrific soundtrack? The song featured in this commercial is called The Audience is Listening by Cut Chemist.

Marketing is definitely one of Apple’s strengths. Sony could really use some talent like that right now. The Sony PSP ads have to be some of the worst tech ads on television. The advertising company TBWA/Chiat/Day is the brainchild behind all of Apple’s iPod ads. Now Apple just needs to take that same creative energy and channel it in to their laptop and desktop computers ad.

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