NHK Apologizes for DJ Ozma’s Topless New Year’s Eve Performance

DJ Ozma's dancers unexpectedly went "topless" on live TV.

NHK Topless New Years Eve Special

A “wardrobe malfunction” during a 2006 New Year’s Eve broadcast apparently exposed the Japanese public to a little more than they were expecting. Several showgirl-style dancers performing with DJ Ozma unexpectedly went “topless” during his song “Bounce With Me.”

Viewer Complaints

The performance was part of a New Year’s Eve special on the Japanese television network NHK. According to a Reuters report, NHK TV was flooded with viewer complaints after the broadcast and had to issue an official apology.

Topless Or Not?

But hold on. Were the girls really topless? According to the website Japancast, the dancers were all just wearing flesh-colored body suits with exposed breasts painted on them. What do you think? Take a look at the photos and watch the DJ Ozma New Year’s performance below and decide for yourself.

NHK Topless New Years Eve Special

Downloading DJ Ozma’s New Year’s Eve Video

Here’s a link to the “topless” clip on YouTube but NHK keeps complaining and having YouTube take the video down. You can also try searching for “DJ Ozma” on YouTube. As soon as you find the video, try to download it to your computer. It shouldn’t be too hard to find the clip. People are reposting it faster than YouTube can pull it down.

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