Microsoft Zune Destroyed With A Baseball Bat on CNBC Mad Money

Zune Sales & Microsoft Stock Price

Jim Cramer from CNBC Mad Money picked Apple as his #2 growth stock of 2007 over Microsoft. To show the TV audience his disapproval of Microsoft’s stock performance, he decided to destroy Microsoft’s Zune media player with a baseball bat.

Microsoft Zune Destroyed By Baseball Bat

Jim Cramer is known for his over the top antics on CNBC Mad Money but this is the first time he’s decided to destroy an MP3 player on live TV. On the show, Cramer said that the Zune was “beat before it hit the market,” so he decided to “beat” the Zune with a baseball bat.

Apple vs Microsoft Stock & Zune vs iPod

Although Apple’s stock is up more than 175% the last two years, +50% since July alone, Cramer believes Apple will move higher because “picking stocks is not like flipping a coin.” When comparing Apple vs Microsoft stocks, he added, “winners keep winning and “losers keep losing.”

How The iPod Impacts Apple Stock Price

Cramer considers Apple a winner. Under Steve Jobs‘ leadership, Apple has changed the way people listen to music with the iPod and the iTunes Store. “Not only is Apple a brand people trust and love, but it is cool… Microsoft’s Zune MP3 player will not be able to push past Apple.”

When comparing the Zune vs iPod, there’s no competition. The iPod is the clear winner. Not only is the iPod outselling the Zine by huge numbers, but even iPod chargers are outselling the Zune.

Cramer went on to say that there are always bears and short-sellers, but in Apple’s case “they are wrong and should get buried… Apple has a winning formula, and nothing is going against it.”

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