Kick It New School!

Kick It New School! 1Today there are more ways than ever before to enjoy music. Whether it’s the i-Pod, another MP3 players, a computer, or another more traditional source, this is the ideal speaker system. Compared to one-piece designs, the JVC NX-PS1 offers a much better choice with separate main speakers that can be positioned for the best stereo response, and a separate subwoofer that can be placed where bass response is the best. Since it’s “Made for i-Pod”, you can connect any i-Pod using the provided cable. Other MP3 players and flash memory devices can connect via the front USB Host. A computer can connect via the back USB audio input.
Kick It New School! 2
A traditional analog, two-channel auxiliary input is also available for portable CD players and other traditional audio sources with a headphone output. Connection for iPod — Connect, Control & Charge your iPod. Enjoy your music files via the speaker system for greater listening pleasure. USB Hosting — All-digital connection with a digital audio player (for MP3/WMA playback) USB Audio Input for receiving signals from PCs Front AUX Input for easy connection with external devices.

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