Stargate Atlantis

Dr. Carson Beckett will not survive the third season of Stargate Atlantis, which returns to U.S. television this Friday on the Sci Fi Channel. But he will be back next year, executive producer Joseph Mallozzi revealed to this week.

Fans React To Beckett’s Death

Beckett, played by actor Paul McGillion, was killed off in the very memorable episode “Sunday”. The episode has already aired in Canada and the United Kingdom. The death of the Scottish doctor launched a passionate response from fans. They even protested in the rain outside of the show’s set.

Dr. Carson Beckett
Paul McGillion as Carson Beckett (Stargate Atlantis, Season 1).

Bringing Dr. Carson Beckett Back?

McGillion has signed to appear in a two-part story in the second half of Season Four. The writers are also working on a possible third episode for the doctor.

But wait … is this a writer’s trick? Will fans get to see a hologram, or alternate universe Beckett, or an alien impersonation? “When he returns for the two-parter, it will be Carson Beckett in the flesh,” Mallozzi assured fans. “Late in Season Three, we discussed the manner in which the character had been written out and the possible ways in which he could be brought back. I threw out an idea that not only brought Carson back but answered a very big question I had concerning a late-season arc.