Message from John Miller:

    Message from John Miller: 1Comedy Night Done Right premieres tonight! Just 12 nights ago, this year’s Emmy Awards honored each of our four comedies, with 30 Rock taking home the top prize of Best Comedy. And tonight, a great, new season of CNDR begins with special one-hour episodes of My Name Is Earl and The Office. All summer, our unique “Free Earl” campaign has powered the cause, and we’ve kept everyone wondering what’s next for Jim & Pam at The Office. Next week marks the return of 30 Rock with a special guest you may have heard of — Jerry Seinfeld. Then October 25, Scrubs returns for its final season. All in all, it promises to be an event-filled year for the best night of comedy on television. We’ve included some of our recent work on behalf of Comedy Night Done Right. Give it a look and be sure to watch tonight!

    John Miller
    CMO, NBC Universal TV Group

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