iPhone Theme for BlackBerry: How to Download and Install

Got iPhone envy? I do. My company is Blackberry only and won't support the iPhone. So I installed the free bPhone iPhone theme for BlackBerry.

Blackberry iPhone Theme

Got iPhone envy? I do. My cell phone provider won’t support the iPhone. So I installed the free bPhone for BlackBerry iPhone theme on my Blackberry. It reskins all your Blackberry icons with iPhone icons and even replaces the hourglass with the Mac OS X spinning beach ball. You can install the bPhone Blackberry iPhone theme here if you are reading this on your phone right now or check out the author’s website here.

Blackberry iPhone Theme

How to Download and Install The bPhone for BlackBerry iPhone Theme

Here’s an easy step-by-step install tutorial:

  1. open this link on your phone
  2. Select your BlackBerry phone model (ie. the curve is the 8300).
  3. Select the “Icon” theme
  4. Enter in your BlackBerry email address
  5. A download link will be emailed to your phone
  6. Download the bPhone theme on your phone
  7. Go to Prefs on your phone
  8. Select the bPhone theme
  9. Enable the bPhone theme

That’s it!