Apple iPhone Platinum Edition

    minted methodshopIf you weren’t the first guy on your block to bring home an iPhone, it looks like you’ll get another shot to impress when the iPhone Platinum Edition becomes available next month. Goldstriker International, the fine folks who brought us the 24k gold iPod, will release the Power of Platinum collection in January. But you better act quick, because they are only making 250 of these bad boys.

    As you can imagine there is quite a premium to own the world’s first Platinum iPhone. Expect to pay about $2230 after the conversion from English Pounds. If the 250 units sell out as quickly as we think they will it’s quite possible the phones will fetch a small fortune on eBay or at other auction sites. Keep your eyes on the Goldstriker website ( ) early next month for your chance to buy the Platinum iPhone.

    Goldstriker also offers a full line of professionally plated products ranging from laptop computers to keychains. You can also send Goldstriker your current iPod or iPhone and they will adorn the item in the precious metal of your choice. Turnaround is usually a super speedy 48 hours. We’ll be interested to see what the always innovative Goldstriker comes up with next. For now we’ll just keep on refreshing their website until we can buy the iPhone Platinum.

    A PimpWiz Exclusive By Scott Bernstein