Not Ready to Pay for TV Time, a Mexican Beer Goes Online

Not Ready to Pay for TV Time, a Mexican Beer Goes Online 1

Decades ago, brewers determined that television commercials were just about the best way to sell beer, as anyone can attest who has listened to consumers still able to sing jingles like “This Bud’s for you,” “Tonight, let it be Löwenbräu” or “A beer is a beer is a beer is a beer until you’ve tasted Hamm’s.”

Now, the Internet makes it possible for beers whose sales volume or marketing budgets are not ready for TV to use the power of video — “sight, sound and motion,” as the advertising professors once intoned — to reach potential customers.

A Mexican import, Pacifico, is filling its Web site ( with 30 brand-centric video clips that celebrate a life centered on sun, sand, surf, street food and a willingness to eat extremely hot peppers or play checkers with bottle caps.

The videos, and the Web site, were created by Creature, an agency in Seattle that also produces ads for Pacifico in traditional media like magazines and billboards and oversees promotions like the refitting of 1960s Volkswagen buses to serve as touring Pacifico peddlers.

The online initiative is part of plans to increase the marketing spending for Pacifico this year to about $15 million, almost 50 percent more than in 2007.

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