NBC’s Free Downloads: Out Of Beta In Two Months

    NBC's Free Downloads: Out Of Beta In Two Months 1NBC Direct, the free video download service the network began experimenting with last fall, has gotten nothing but lousy reviews. But NBC executives must feel they’ve figured out how to fix its many problems: A source familiar with the project tells us the network plans to finally remove the “beta” tag within the next two months.

    Last month, NBC digital guru George Kliavkoff refused to name a target date for the ad-supported service’s formal launch, but said the biggest problem with his engineers were having was with the desktop viewer: “NBC Direct is a complicated thing to build and we are taking our time and putting a lot of effort behind it.” What we don’t know — whether Apple (AAPL) PCs will be supported when NBC Direct makes its formal debut — NBC has promising Mac support for most of 2008, without delivering.

    [Via: alleyinsider]