America Has Spoken: In Google We Trust

The most reputable company in America: Google, which toppled Microsoft from the top perch in the 2007 Harris Interactive Reputation Quotient study released this week — and sent it tumbling all the way down to No. 10.

But what should be even more eye-opening to the companies rounding out the top 10 — which include Johnson & Johnson and General Mills — and the rest of the list is that Google’s victory shows that a company that spends nothing on advertising can still be the most positively perceived by consumers.

America Has Spoken: In Google We Trust 1

“Google is the perfect example showing reputation does not correlate with ad spending,” said Robert Fronk, senior VP-senior consultant, reputation strategy, at Harris Interactive. “The positive perception of how you treat your employees, your corporate-social-responsibility efforts, and your products and services and the amount of media that can generate probably trumps any ad spend they would ever want to make.”