The browser wars are heating up again. But now there’s a new player in the game. Google is launching a new open-source web browser called Chrome today. The browser will compete directly with Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer and Mozilla‘s Firefox.

Creating A Better “Google” Experience

Strategically creating their own browser makes a lot of sense for Google. Previously the company relied on other web browsers to deliver their customer experiences with products like Gmail, Google Maps and Google Search. The Chrome browser is designed as a streamlined platform to display web pages and run optimized experiences with popular Google web applications.

Chrome Features

Chrome seems to borrow bits and pieces from other popular browsers including tab buttons enabling you to switch back and forth between open windows (i.e. Firefox,) and web apps that can be launched in their own browser window without an address or toolbar. Other handy features include an “incognito” privacy mode. This allows users to cover their tracks from subsequent users (known as InPrivate in the newest Internet Explorer browser.)

Chrome: Clear Web Browsing History

Downloading The Google Chrome Browser

Chrome will debut in about 100 countries later today. Personally I think it will be a huge hit. Internet Explorer is terrible. Firefox is awesome. But just imagine what Google can do with their endless resources. You can download the Google Chrome browser at