5 Tools to Make #Twitter More Productive

5 Tools to Make #Twitter More Productive 1Twitter is a great service. But their lack of features is mind-boggling. Thank God 3rd parties have stepped in and made Twitter what it is today.

If you are tweeting anyway, you might as well get the most out of it. Here are….

5 Tools to Make Twitter More Productive:

  1. Twitter Groups – Got a lot of Twitter followers? Want to easily customize your messaging to them? Twitter Groups allows you to tag/organize your followers into groups. Then you can send a custom messages to your Twitter Groups all at once. The days of sending messages to your Twitter followers one by one are over.
  2. TweetVolume – Want to do a little marketing research and find out what people are talking about on Twitter? TweetVolume is a frequency search tool to see how often a unique name (person, brand, etc) is mentioned on Twitter.
  3. TweetStats – While you are doing some research, take a look at yourself. TweetStats tells you fun stuff about your Twitter account like your tweets per hour, tweets per month, tweet timeline and even Reply statistics.

    5 Tools to Make #Twitter More Productive 2

  4. TwitterMail – With TwitterMail you can setup a secret email address for your Twitter accounts and tweet via email. The body of the message will be published in your Twitter Profile. The subject field in your emails can be used to type in a time and schedule your tweets to post automatically.

    5 Tools to Make #Twitter More Productive 3

  5. TwitPic – TwitPic lets you share photos on Twitter. Just like with TwitterMail, you create a secret email address for your account and email your photos directly to your Twitter account. Snap away with your mobile phone. Now you can capture your moments and share them with your Twitter friends as they happen. Just be sure to use the Subject line of your email to type your message. It’s the opposite of TwitterMail so pay attention… especially when you’re wasted. A drunken tweet could get you fired.

Have no idea what Twitter is all about? Here’s a 101 primer on Twitter and tips on how to explain it to someone like… your Grandma.

5 Tools to Make #Twitter More Productive 4

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