Twitter first launched in 2006. But the social networking service didn’t reach critical mass until celebrities and newsmakers like Martha Stewart and Barack Obama signed up. Although some people are still just discovering Twitter, millions of users have been tweeting for years. What about yourself? How long have you been on Twitter? Not exactly sure? Michael from @YapplerStream created an app that shows you how many days you’ve been tweeting and your Twitter join date.

See Your Twitter Lifespan and Activity with Yappler 1

Using Yappler To Research Your Twitter Followers

The Yappler app can also come in handy if you’re unsure about following someone on Twitter and want to check them out. Many times spam marketers will join Twitter and follow as many people as possible. Eventually, the Twitter staff will track them down and delete their account. But if you are followed by some random tweeter, use this app to see how long they’ve been using Twitter. If they’ve been using Twitter for several months or years, then congrats you have a social networking fan. But if they just joined Twitter 5 minutes ago, then beware. It looks like you have a spammer chasing you around.

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