Auto Upload Dreamweaver Files

    Auto Upload Dreamweaver Files 1Do you use Adobe Dreamweaver to create and design websites? Is Dreamweaver no longer automatically uploading all dependent files when you save a page? We use Adobe Dreamweaver to create and this always seems to trip us up everyone couple years or so.

    Chances are you probably were messing around with your Dreamweaver Preferences or accidentally checked the “Don’t Ask Me Again” check during the “putting” process.

    PROBLEM: Dreamweaver fails to prompt for including dependent files when putting

    SOLUTION: This is an easy fix. If you want to be prompted to upload dependent files, then you’ll need to turn on the “Prompt on Put/Check In” preference. Just follow the directions below:


    • Dreamweaver 3 or higher (Mac/PC)

    Auto Upload Dreamweaver Files 2

    1. Choose Edit > Preferences.
    2. Select the Site category.
    3. Under Dependent Files, check Prompt on Put/Check In.