The goal of Hexxagon is very easy: Two players take turns placing pieces on the board. In the starting position, each player has pieces of his/her color around opposite corners of the board. Players take turns moving any one of their pieces to any square up to two steps away, including diagonally. If the piece is moved to a neighboring (in any direction, including diagonal) square, an additional piece is left on the starting square of the move, so the player has one more piece on the board after the move than before. If the piece is moved to a square two steps away, no new piece is added. After the move, all enemy pieces adjacent to the piece moved change to its color. The game ends when one or both of the players can’t move.

The player with the most pieces wins!

FLASH REQUIRED: This game requires Adobe Flash. It will NOT work on iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, or web browsers without the Adobe Flash plugin installed. Desktop users can download Adobe Flash here.

How to Beat Hexxagon

Struggling to beat Hexxagon? It takes practice. And just one wrong move can ruin your whole game. But there is a way to beat the game in only 6 moves.


NERD NOTE: A key principle in Ataxx, Hexxagon and Reversi is to take control of squares that are difficult for your opponent to retake. Be aware that control of a square adjacent to several empty squares is likely to alternate back and forth as the empty squares are occupied, one by one. On the other hand, control of a square completely surrounded by other occupied squares is unlikely ever to change.