One of my new internet heroes is How To Batman. He makes viral videos teaching us everything from How to Wrap A Christmas Present to How To Deal With A Bully.

How To Batman In Subway

In this hilarious YouTube clip, How To Batman shows us how to correctly order from a Subway restaurant. This video is extremely amusing for so many reasons. Some things to look for include his deep Batman voice, sage advice, how he suicide attacks the soda fountain and the girl taking pictures of him.

And if you’ve been to a Subway restaurant before, then you know how stressful ordering can be… especially when there’s a big line. Pick your bread, cheese, toasted, meat, 12 inch, 6 inch, dressing, toppings, chips, soda, cookie… they expect you to say it all in one sentence. I’m getting stressed out just typing this.

What’s Next For How To Batman?

How To Batman is pretty good. Subway should hire him to replace Jared Fogle as their new spokesperson. Personally I’d love to get How To Batman to come to our next company party and show our boss how to properly tap a keg.

How To Batman