Firefox has released F1, a social networking extension geared at making it easier for users to share links directly from the Firefox web browser. If you’ve ever wished that sharing links with your social networks was faster, Firefox F1 may be worth a look.

Firefox F1 Add-On

Once installed, F1 adds a simple caption bubble icon to the top right of the browser. When clicked, users are prompted to enter their account credentials and given the option to share their current webpage via Facebook, Twitter or Gmail.

Testing Firefox F1

I added the Firefox F1 extension to test it out and I’m pleased with its ease of use. Sharing feels lighter and less taxing. The integration with Gmail also includes your address book. So you can compose emails without leaving the page that you are browsing. Although not everyone uses Firefox, I think Firefox F1 is a nice option for heavy social media users.

Firefox F1

Personally, I want any extensions I install to make my web experience better. Firefox F1 accomplishes that and has me wondering if more widespread adoption would lead to more sites doing away with the plethora of sharing buttons on their pages. Check it out for yourself and download the extension.